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How Will This Affect Dietitians, Nutrition Nurses, Gastroenterologists And Gastroenterology Nurses?

In practice, the new design standard will impact all feeding tubes, enteral syringes, pump giving sets and enteral gravity sets. At the nutrition end, the ENPlus connector is already in place. From September 2015, enteral giving sets and enteral gravity sets will be supplied with ENFit transition connectors that facilitate compatibility between the existing feeding tube port and the new ENFit system. This will allow preparation for the introduction of the following in March 2016.

Patient-access end syringe – the new connector requires a new ENFit syringe that can be used for medicine, flush, hydrate or bolus feed. The reverse Luer-tipped syringe will not fit the new ENFit male connector tube. (The transition sets will be used to facilitate connection to existing reverse Luer feeding tubes until new feeding tubes with ENFit are introduced)

Patient-access end feeding tube – new feeding tubes with the ENFit connector. Feeding tubes will change from the reverse Luer connector to the new ENFit connector, which will look similar to existing connectors, although the bore will be slightly larger.

Once these are in place, all transition connectors will be removed from the market. It is envisaged that the new ENFit connector will be rolled out across all enteral devices over an estimated 12 month period. The transition set will be removed from use after this period.

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