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Enfit Connectors

Standard luer lock connectors are found on a variety of tubing sets,solution bags and other medical products. The ease of connection between these luer lock connectors have led to misconnections that have inadvertently linked unrelated systems, and at times, have resulted in serious adverse events. Luer lock misconnections are often under-recognized; therefore, adverse events resulting from such misconnections are likely to be under-reported.

These misconnections can be dangerous and result in injuries. Luer connectors easily

interconnect many medical components, accessories, and delivery systems across multiple medical applications. Because of the nature of the connector design, human factors, and the clinical environment, healthcare professionals may mistakenly connect the wrong devices and deliver substances through the wrong route.

What can we do?

To avoid misconnection accident, a new design standard(ISO80369-3) for enteral nutrition tubing connectors is finished. The new devices which are specially called ENFit have been designed specifically for enteral nutrition products. These connectors will not fit into other types of ports (such as IV ports) . 

Provide safty is our responsibility.