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Drip Chamber For IV Set- Air Stop And NON-PVC Available

Drip chamber for your choice

BQ plus medical provides multiple type of drip chamber for different requirement of hospital. As the head of IV set, chamber plays an important role in direct connection with IV bag or bottle. Other than that, we also supplies different type of accessiories for IV set and blood transfusion set.

Here below is types of chamber we provided:


Regular ChamberMaterial Upper CoverDrops/mlLengthFilter
with DEHPvented spike1064mmwith
with DEHPNon-vented spike20











What's more, we have our own mould shop to customize things you need. We could be a great help for grasping new market for you.


Safer choice: Air stop chamber, NON-PVC chamber


(NON-PVC)Similar appearance,different material (With DEHP)


                                                                                             -Safer with BQ Plus Medical.

                                                                                                          By Charleszou