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Current UK Practice And The Introduction Of ENFit

As mentioned previously and prior to the ISO initiative, manufacturers supporting the UK and Republic of Ireland worked with the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) on the introduction of the reverse Luer system. This followed a review of data from the NHS Reporting and Learning System in 2007, which showed 33 patient safety incidents involving intravenous administration of oral liquid medicines between 1 st January 2005 and 31 st May 2006. As a result, healthcare organizations were advised to review the design and supply of the oral/enteral syringes and enteral feeding systems being used, as well as the way in which they were used; and to review and make changes to organisational procedures, training and audit where necessary. Today, the UK has an excellent safety record in enteral feeding. Nevertheless, the availability of adapters to change a reverse Luer back into a standard Luer, and with increasing numbers of patients travelling internationally, a single global solution is required to ensure patient safety and prevent possible misconnection or no connection of enteral tubes, sets, and syringes. So the new ISO standard connector system – called ENFit – will replace the reverse Luer connector systems in the UK, to ensure one global enteral connector. The ENFit connector will look very similar to the existing connector, but with a

slightly larger bore size. In the UK, the Enteral Plastics Safety Group (EPSG) – a group made up of the main companies and NHS stakeholder groups involved with the production, sale and use of enteral tube feeding devices – has been established to aid the transition of existing connectors found on enteral plastics, over to the new style of connector, and it is anticipated that this will happen from March 2016, with transition giving sets and gravity sets being made available from September 2015 to support the changeover.