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BQ PLus Took Part In The FIME Show 2016

The 2016 Florida International Medical Expo opened from August 2-4 in Miami Beach. The annual FIME Expo is an opportunity for medical equipment professionals to showcase a diverse range of capital equipment, accessories and services.

Our stand in FIME was D.J53. And we were arrived Miami at 1st Aug. for the reason of flight delay. We decorated our booth at the very morning of 2rd Aug. the first day of the show.

We had brought a lot of samples to the show, among which were some of our new products like pump use IV set, liquid lock IV set and TPE IV set etc. Also we had some products for US market only.

The feedback of the show was also very nice. We met several of our important clients like ICU, True care, and Medaust and so on. During the show we have talked much about new orders and the future of consumable industry.